Heavy Duty Tripod G Series

HDT G Series Heavy Duty Tripods are designed for heavy load applications up to 150 kg, where stability and torsional strength are important.

HDT G Series Heavy Duty Tripods have 2 different model options according to fixed and adjustable superstructure design. They acquire fixing features to different surfaces with their standard flat and fixing perforated feet .

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With their backlash-free design and strong structure, they are ideal for sensitive rotating load applications. HDT G Series Heavy Duty Tripods, which have 2 different model options according to their fixed and adjustable superstructure features, are suitable for use in harsh conditions.


  • Professional tripods designed for heavy loads up to 150 Kg.
  • Sturdy construction.
  • High torsional strength.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Man portable and easy deployment.
  • Wide working height range.
  • Coating resistant to harsh conditions.
  • 100% CNC Machined from high strength 6000 series aluminum and stainless steel.
  • Adjustable flat feet with rubber pad and pinning holes.
  • Column lock.
  • Spirit level for easy leveling.


  • Dismounted radar support
  • Thermal camera / night vision systems
  • Malfunction motorized surveillance platform support
  • Microwave and satellite communication dish support
  • Long range observation posts
  • Scientific instrument support: meteorological or gas monitoring equipment
  • Professional video and still camera support
Product Number Max. Height Min. Height Weight Load Capacity Stowed Dimensions Interface Head
TS-HDT-G-F-AL 1290 mm 814 mm 8.2 Kg 150 Kg ∅310 mm, 910 mm 6xM5 thread at ∅102 mm Fixed
TS-HDT-G-A-AL 1855 mm 933 mm 13.2 Kg 100 Kg ∅310 mm, 1030 mm ∅59.7 mm h11 Adjustable

Heavy Duty Tripod G Series

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