We produce products and solutions using up-to-date technology with our team, which has experience in electronic hardware/software design and system engineering used in the defense industry and many industrial applications. Electronic design activities carried out within our company: Embedded software, Interface designs, Test system designs, Wiring designs. With its expert design engineer staff; Our goal is to produce permanent solutions, especially for the defense industry and industrial sector, with mechanical, electromechanical designs and our own product family. With the power of CAD softwares, mechanical designs of projects and products are carried out in accordance with industrial and military standards and quality standards. We are constantly improving our mechanical design capabilities with new hardware and development environment investments, and we work for the most optimum result by following current technological developments.


Maintenance and Repair. Test and Control Our company provides services in determining the appropriate materials of the structures, determining the weak areas, identifying the tired areas and providing solutions by using the ANSYS solutions, especially in the defense, aviation, maritime, automotive, white goods and energy sectors. Structural and Flow Analysis, which has an important place in the project process, supports the design processes with our experienced engineer staff and our robust infrastructure that provides speed advantage. Analyzes carried out within our company: Static strength analysis, Free vibration (modal) analyzes, Forced vibration analyzes (harmonic, random) Shock response analyses, Dynamic life (fatigue) calculations and CFD (Openfoam).


TRIYOSYS focus on high-end Security, Surveillance and Military markets together with in-house design and manufacturing means we can offer customers more than off-the-shelf solutions with our range of custom tripods. Whether by adaptation and modification of existing products, or full development of a new product, TRIYOSYS is able to leverage its market know-how and design skills to partner with customers, so they get an optimum solution.


TRIYOSYS is the market leader in pan/tilt solutions, we can offer you a wide range of units with advanced features like continuous rotation, built-in RS-485/422 interface, Pelco D/P protocol, absolute position support, Pelco extended protocol, position feedback, slow and high speed control for long range applications, high precision, variable speed control. Most of our pan tilt heads can be customized to specific applications and specifications. Many of the units have a built-in serial interface with RS-485 Pelco D protocol and supports “Pelco extended commands”, The firmware of the pan tilt can be custom programmed to your specific need.